Edible Beauty Australia prides itself on being “skincare that’s good enough to eat” through its focus on natural and therapeutic ingredients.  So innovative packaging that is good for the earth was a no brainer for Edible Beauty founder Anna Mitsios.  Founded nearly eight years ago, in Mitsios previous life working at a clinic where she was providing fertility support to her naturopathy patients, Edible Beauty has become a leader in Australian “clean skincare”.

And CCS Packaging has been working with Edible Beauty to help them continue to be at the forefront when it comes to skincare products that aren’t just vegan, cruelty-free but also good to the environment.

A naturopath, Mitsios started making skincare products when she realised that many of many of the “natural” products out there might actually not be that.

( Anna Mitsios, founder of Edible Beauty Australia )

“So I basically learnt how to formulate skincare and I took a lot of the naturopathic principals to herbs and vitamins and put them into the formulas I was learning to make,” she said.

 “I originally just shared it with family and friends and some clients and I got to a stage where I thought they love it and I should try and make it commercial and work on a product range.”

“We offer our topical skincare which are food grade purity but we also have the wellness supplements that you can actually take internally, so they are literally “edible” and they are designed to address skincare concerns on the inside. These include supplements like collagen powders and beauty teas and elixirs that are designed to stimulate collagen production and hair growth and help with detoxification and liver cleansing and so on which all impact our skin health.”

(On the left, Newly designed packaging for Edible Beauty’s new product range N1 to No4, On the right, rigid box gift packaging)

“You can see that there is a two-pronged meaning to Edible Beauty it means that the ingredients are literally good enough to eat but also there is this internal side to what we do which is all the wellness supplements which is beauty on the inside as well.”  With this important focus on natural and sustainable products, CCS has been able to help Mitsios and Edible Beauty practice what they preach.

“We were always using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) packaging with CCS but we were doing things like using excess packaging and using foil and so the new range is really slimmed down so we aren’t using any excess packaging,” Mitsios said.

“We are using FSC stock and have removed all the foil and making sure that everything is more sustainable that we put out there as well and our packaging other than the boxes we carry that thing forward and we have glass packaging for most of our products or bio-resin plastic which is more sustainable as well.”

CCS’s ability to innovate and still be sustainable with packaging has helped Edible Beauty to launch a natural, zero waste deodorant.

“We launched those at the end of last year and I really thought that they were a cool idea because we use things like deodorant every day and we get through so many through our lifetime but so many are in plastic packaging,” Mitsios said.

“ I thought it would be great if we could remove that packaging component to the deodorant but also ensure that the ingredients in the product were organic as well. “So we actually came up with a product that is a block and it is housed in a cute little neat box which folds open and actually can be used to store the deodorant as well.

“The idea is that there is zero waste because when you finish your deodorant box it disintegrates to nothing and there is also the box that is recyclable and sustainable as well so that is the concept behind that.

“CCS designed the carton for it, Gerry was quite innovative with it as he always is

“There is an envelope pouch for it, it is very tight so there is minimal packaging, but it works and it houses the deodorant in a really cool way.”

(The new ‘Zero Waste’ deodorant range in the cool and smart packaging designed by CCS )

Edible Beauty has some exciting new products coming out shortly, and CCS’s ability means sustainability is a key part with the two companies singing from the same hymn sheet.

“There’s a new sleep mask which has been revamped and that is now in a recyclable pouch and there is a new range of booster serums and again they are designed for skin concerns and they use super foods and ingredients which are usually used internally but are really good on the skin as well and they are launching in the next month which is exciting,” Mitsios said.

(Packaging line for Edible Beauty’s new ‘booster serum’ range)

“It is fantastic and I have seen it over the past 12 months to two years now because we are so aligned with our values and ethics which is wonderful.

“I think it’s great that Gerry and CCS can understand where we are coming from and as we evolve more we can really ramp it up and continue to look at more sustainable materials

Check out Edible Beauty’s website to discover all products: Edible Beauty Australia | Holistic Beauty and Wellness