Interview with Jesse Hegg founder of Locale Foods.

 Locale Foods wants to bring a little bit of the artisan Italian pasta market to Australia, but sustainably.

 So they have teamed up with CCS Packaging as the embark on this new exciting venture.
 The South Nowra-based fine foods distributor and wholesaler will celebrate its 10th year in operation this year.

 In 2022 Locale Foods will launch a new venture, Duro Pasta.
 Locale Foods founder Jesse Hegg said Duro Pasta would be launched soon.

 “It’s dried pasta, using Australian grown durum wheat and trying to replicate what is done pretty commonly in Italy in the artisan dried pasta market,” he   said.
 With a big focus on sustainability and using Australian products Locale Foods engaged CCS Packaging for a series of packaging for the initial launch of the   boutique product.