At CCS Packaging, we have been taking the recent COVID outbreak in Sydney extremely seriously.

As an essential business, we fall under the category of ‘a manufacturer of food and beverage packaging’, and as such, have been able to keep our doors open throughout the recent outbreak.

We will continue to do so, unless the health and business advice changes. 

The following will briefly outline some of the primary measures we are undertaking to ensure that our staff stay safe, whilst continuing to operate as an essential business.

For our manufacturing team that do not have the option to work from home, we have:

  • Split the team into two groups, who come in on alternating weeks. These two groups will never cross over, meaning that if someone is a close contact, only half the team will need to go into isolation, allowing manufacturing to continue. 

For our office staff, we have:

  • Allowed staff to work from home if the nature of their work permits
  • Split staff into two groups, so if they need to come to work, there will be no crossover between groups

At CCS, we are judicious about the well-being of our staff, and are taking the health advice day by day. So far, we are adapting quickly and effectively to this new working situation.

Our COVID safe day to day operations are a testament to our resilience as a business. We are proud to be a part of the vital fabric of the Australian economy, and continue to deliver outcomes to our clients in these unprecedented times.