CCS Packaging


Thirty-three years ago, we started out operating under the name ‘Combined Creative Services’. Twelve years later, we changed to ‘CCS Packaging’, to further solidify our dominance in the Media Industry. Over the past three decades, we have almost exclusively serviced the Media Industry, and have consistently been the main player in the media print and packaging space for over 30 years, onshore in Australia.

Today, after operating under ‘Combined Creative Services/CCS Packaging’, we have decided to rebrand as CCS Packaging. This change will occur at the beginning of the new financial year, on the 1st of July 2021.

We believe it pays homage to our history, whilst stating our intentions moving forward. We are proud to unveil our new name and branding, to mark a new era moving forward.

Our services over the past few years have expanded beyond the Media Industry, although media still makes up a large portion of our business.
Today, we service a multitude of industries including, but not limited to:

-Cosmetic Industry
-Pharmaceutical Industry
-Food Industry
-Personal Care Industry
-Media Industry

The diversity of our current product and service offerings, and our ambitions to expand further in some of these newer category offerings have helped cement our final decision.

CCS Packaging is excited to adapt and move forward in an ever-changing landscape and take on the next decade of Australian manufacturing.